Considered one of the best channels in bringing businesses from point to point, Meetings and Events define a certain pathway for success in most industries.  While organizations continuously find ways to streamline their services by engaging their teams on out of the office meetings and events, the provision on how to easily reduce cost for these activities often comes as a challenge.

AITI provides a full range of services for corporate meetings and events including, but not limited to, itinerary planning, travel consultations, flights, transfers and accommodation, event registration, venue sourcing, attendee management, logistics handling and full scale event management. These services are individualized based on client needs, enabling them to manage your travel expenditures and without sacrificing the quality of the experience for attendees.

AITI Meetings and Events is managed by experts who work comprehensively with each key component the event, from travel consultations to the implementation. We optimize our clients’ travel requirements while they pave paths for greater business opportunities.

AITI is a member company of Transnational Diversified Group and has been consistently awarded as Top Performer for major airlines and has strong relationships with worldwide hotels and transport providers.

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